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This isn't for anyone in particular.  Truth is, the links on this page are for me... they're things that interest me or affect me locally.  Having blown a couple of hard drives over the years and not backing up like I should have caused me to lose my "favorites" and have to build 'em all again.  So, I put them online.  Use them if you like.  Of course, if you can't find it here, you can always search Google at your left.
Trees, Dead or Alive
My Beloved Smokys
Colleges, Universities, and Schools
Woodworking, Now & Then
Home Maintenance & Safety
Of Interest, GA, TN, FL

Government Sites and Services
Educational Websites
Computing and Programming
News, Papers, Books, Publishers, Etc.
Fishing, Now & Then
Antiques of Interest


Miscellaneous Stuff

Website Stuff »


Banks »

First Atlantic Bank
Jax Navy FCU
Tattnall Bank

Weather »

Just Weather
Orange Park Radar
National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service
GOES East Atlantic Basin
News-4-Jax Weather
Weather Underground
Weather    Map - Orange Park
Weather    Map - Charlotte
Weather    Map - Atlanta
Weather    Map - Houston
Weather    Map - Smokys

Photography »

Steve's Digicams
Nikon USA
Digital Photography Review

Genealogy »

USA People Search
Genealogy Research for Kids

Talk to a PERSON! »

Dial a Human
Get Human
Get 2 Human

General Levity »

People of Walmart
Photo Bomb
Demotivation (1)
Demotivation (2)

YouTube Humor »

Wood Spider on Drugs
Kung Fu Hillbilly
Attack Squirrel
Light Beer?
Like Ketchup
Terrible Terry
Mrs. Brown's Bikini Wax
Golfers vs. RC Car
Drug Rehab
Shitheadra Jones
Sh%t Southern Women Say I
Sh%t Southern Women Say II
Sh%t Southern Women Say III
Sh%t Southern Women Say IV

Nutrition Data »

Nutrition Data
USDA Nutrient db
USDA Agriculture Lib

Future Use »

Music Stuff »

Inside Music (podcast)
L.A. Studio Musicians
Session Players
Don Barnes Solo CD

Shreds & Jams »

Countdown GRP
Oasis GRP
Steve & Lee

Artist Info »

All Music Guide
Artists Direct

Song Lyrics Sites »

Lyrics Pond
A-Z Lyrics
Get A Lyric
Michael Stanley Lyrics

Fun & Games »

Mystical Ball

Embroidery »

Coast 2 Coast
Sherrie Bradley does some of the most wonderful custom embroidery in the world at incredibly reasonable prices...  Beyond that, she's my friend.  If you need any work like this, please support her.

Odds & Ends »

TI Calculators
Conversion Calculators
Present Picker
Straublestone Grills
Consumer Search
Times & Dates

NC Alumni »

Oskar's Site
Beth's Site
Carolyn's Site

Financial Sites »

Google Finance
State Missing Money
Foreign Markets

For the Aging »

HHS (Medicare)
Elder Law Answers
Senior Journal

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Home Maintenance

Air Conditioning »

20x25x5 Air Bear *
20x25x5 Air Bear

Hazmat and MSDS »

HHS Database
MSDS Haz Com

General Info... »

"Home" Insurance

Future Use... »

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Some sites of Interest - Georgia, Tennessee, Florida

Georgia »

Georgia Info
Georgia Encyclopedia
Carl Vinson Institute - UGA
Vanishing South Georgia
Tattnall Co. Courthouse

Tennessee »

Florida »

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Folklore »

Library of Appalachia
The Anvilfire Story Page
Eldrbarry's Stories
Appalachian Folklore
Appalachian Folklore, Stories, & Music
Folktales, Stories, Plays, Poems and Songs

Online Magazines »

Georgia Magazine
Blue Ridge Highlander
The Mountain Laurel

Pictures & Photos »

U. Tenn. Library
Smoky Photos

Information »

Appalachian Gateway Group
Main Street Blue Ridge
Longstreet Highroad Guide
Visit Blue Ridge
Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains
CCC State Listings

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Trees, Dead or Alive

Wood Properties »

Wood Properties and Uses
USFS Wood Properties

Tree Silvics and ID »

USDA Silvics
USDA Plants
USFS Plants
Va. Tech Dendrology
What Tree Is It?
UF Horticulture Dept.
NC State Horticulture Dept.

Futher Reading »

Amish Furniture Factory
Knowing Your Wood

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Something Smells Fishy

Fla./Ga. Government Fishing »

Georgia DNR
Ga. Freshwater Fish ID
Florida DNR
Fla. Freshwater Fish ID

Fishin & Lures »

Antique Fishing Collectibles
Antique Fishing Lures
Antique Lures
Earl's Antique Fishing Tackle
Heddon Legacy
Joe's Old Lures
Mr. Lure Box
Old Fishing Lures
Old Reel Collectors
Google "antique fishing lures"

Fishing Today »

Anglers Online
All Outdoors
Bass Pro Shops
Bass Resource
Berkley Rods
Ranger Bass Boats
Take Me Fishing

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Woodworking... How to make Sawdust!

Woodworking Plans & How-To's »

DIY Network
Projects Links Page
Delta's Shop Designer
Minwax Project Plans
Highland Library
Shop Math
Lumber and Wood Abbreviations

Woodworking Misc. »

Wood Central
The Oak Factory
National Router Academy
Legacy Woodworking Machines
ShopSmith User's Group
Better Woodworking
Be Construtive
American Hardwood Info Center
Wood Answers

Antique Woodworking Tools »

The Electronic Neanderthal
Museum of Woodworking Tools
The Disstonian
Rosewood and Brass
Electronic Neanderthal
Mid-West Tool Collectors Assn.

Antique Furniture Styles »

Furniture Styles
Connected Lines
Felhandler & Steeneken
Thomas Chippendale
Thomas Sheraton
George Hepplewhite
Robert Adam
Gustave Stickley
Greene & Greene
William Morris

Other Woodworker's Sites »

Binky's Woodworking
Woodworker's Notebook
Gorman's Woodwork Notebook
Woodshop Demos
Mike Scalora

Recycling »


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There are no problems... only opportunities for learning

Geography »

State Home Pages
50 States - Net States
U.S. States & Capitals
50 States - InfoPlease
50 States - 50States.com
CIA Factbook - US
CIA Factbook
USGS Geography
InfoPlease Almanacs
Various State Maps

Chemistry »

Periodic Table - Cambridge
Periodic Table - Los Alamos National Labs
General Chemistry Online
Environmental Chemistry
NIST Chemistry WebBook

Math »

Algebra Homework Help
Homework for Kids
Lial-Hornsby Algebra

Sciences »

Encyclopedia of Life

English »

Grammar Glossary
Using Punctuation
Grammer & Punctuation

Phrases and Cliches »

Phrase Finder
Expressions and Sayings

Social Sciences & History »

Avalon Project - Yale Law
Supreme Court History
America's Story
The History Place
American Heritage
Smithsonian Institute
Museum or American History
Our Documents
Our Founding Fathers
America's Documents

Cool Historical Docs »

Magna Carta
Magna Carta (.pdf)

General Info & Curiosities »

Florida for Kids

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Papers, Publishers, Books, Etc.

Online News »

Google News
ABC News

General Reference »

Merriam-Webster Online

Local TV »

WJXT - Ind (ch.04, ca. 04)
WJCT - PBS (ch. 07, ca. 08)
WTLV - NBC (ch. 12, ca. 11)
WCWJ - CW (ch. 17, ca. 09)
WJXX - ABC (ch. 25, ca. 05)
WAWS - FOX (ch. 30, ca. 10)
WTEV - CBS (ch. 47, ca. 06)

News Papers »

Florida Times-Union
Atlanta Journal
Access Atlanta
USA Today
Washington Post

Books »

Abe Books
Add All Books
Chamblin Bookmine
Barnes & Noble

Book Publishers »

Microsoft Press
Sam's Publishing
ZDNet Publishing

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Computer Stuff

Scripting Editors »

Primal Script
1st Page (HTML)

SourceForge (Software) »


General Programming »

Dev Central
Planet Source Code
Web Developers

Scripting (C, C++, Java, Pearl) »

C/C++ Programming
C/C++ Reference
Difranco's Site
C Reference Card (.pdf)
Additional C/C++ Links

Webmaster Utilities »

Google Sitemaps
Google Analytics
.htpasswd Encryption
Webmaster World
Web Site Optimization Analyzer
Connectivity Speed Test

Website Reference »

Web Design Group
HTML Guide
Web Host Ratings

Text and Graphics Entities »

ISO: 8859-1
ISO: HTML Math Markup
Math Symbols
Math & Greek Symbols
Icon Symbols

Windows Stuff »

Windows Processes

Online Utilities »

IP Suite - Ad Hoc
IP Suite - December.com
Email - Spamhaus
Email - emailabuse.org
Email - Spam Cop
Cookie Central
Gibson Research
Honeynet Project

Utilities »

Verify System Processes
Genealogy DB Model

HighSlide »

Highslide Main Page
Highslide API
Highslide Examples Index

Road Rash examples

Cyber Crime »

DOJ Cybercrime Div

Spyware Utilities »

Super Anti-Spyware
Spybot S&D
Spyware Blaster

Computing Reference »

CNet News
ZDNet News
Cabling - modems.com
Cabling - nullmodem.com
Protocol Standards
ZDNet Whitepapers
Symantec AV Center

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Schools, Colleges, and Universities

College Info »

College Board
College View Search

College Sports »

SicemDawgs Schedule
FB Schedules
ESPN3 Streaming
Georgia Dogs
SEC Football
SEC Sports
UGA Football Schedule
UGA Radio Network

"Local" Universities »

Ga. Tech

Other Universities »

Columbia College

UF Info »

University of Florida
UF Phone Directory
Current Enrollment
Current Enrollment (.pdf)

Local Schools »

Clay School District
Ridgeview IB Website
Ridgeview High
Lakeside Elem.
Ridgeview Elem

Junior Colleges »


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G-Men, GI Joe, and other Government Sites

U.S. Government Sites »

U.S. Whitehouse
U.S. House
U.S. Senate
U.S. Supreme Court
Write Congress

U.S. Bureaucracies »

A-Z Index of U.S. Government
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
U.S. Forest Service
U.S. National Park Service
Smithsonian Institute
U.S. Dept. of Justice - Cybercrime Div

U.S. Other Info »

Library of Congress
Federal Web Locator
Federal Information Center
Naval Historical Center
Space Telescope Science Inst
Americans for Fair Tax
National Library of Medicine

American, By GOD »

Our National Anthem
Pledge of Allegiance
America, Why I Love Her

Military & Vet Sites »

U.S. Navy
U.S. Marines
U.S. Army
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Coast Guard
Veterans Help

State Fishing Agencies »

Georgia DNR
Ga. Freshwater Fish ID
Florida DNR
Fla. Freshwater Fish ID

About US (get it?) »

State Home Pages
Naval Historical Center
Space Telescope Science Inst
Americans for Fair Tax

Florida Law Enforcement »

Fla Dept of Corrections
Fla Dept of Law Enforcement
Lost Children.org

Florida Emergency Services »

Fla. Emergency Contact Info

Florida Labor Stuff »

Fla. Employment and Wages
National Labor Relations Board

Georgia Probate Stuff »

GA Probate
Estate Probate Guide I
Estate Probate Guide II

Watchdog Sites »

Open Secrets
Citizens for Ethics
Citizens Against Govt. Waste


Florida Voting »

Fla. Dept. Elections
Vote Smart Florida
Collins Center
County Elections - Clay
County Elections - Duval

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Antiques of Particular Interest

Antique Woodworking Tools »

Museum of Woodworking Tools
Electronic Neanderthal
Old Woodworking Machines
Patrick's Blood & Gore
Rosewood & Brass
Old WW Tools & Machines
Antique Mystique
Google "antique woodworking tools"

Fishin & Lures »

Antique Fishing Collectibles
Antique Fishing Lures
Antique Lures
Earl's Antique Fishing Tackle
Heddon Legacy
Joe's Old Lures
Mr. Lure Box
Old Fishing Lures
Old Reel Collectors
Google "antique fishing lures"

Cast Iron Cookware »

Griswold Collectibles
The Pan Man
Pan Man Size Chart
Google "Griswold cast iron"

Red Wing »

Red Wing Collectors
Red Wing Dinnerware
Red Wing Pottery
Google "Redwing pottery"

Local Auctions »

Auctions Unlimited
North Florida Auctions

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