Fishing Lure Cabinets

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-- © S.C. Rogers
-- © S.C. Rogers -- © S.C. Rogers -- © S.C. Rogers

31"H x 10"W x 3"D (Lures)
17"H x 17"W x 3"D (Reels)

I don't often work with reclaimed lumber.  I have no aversion to it...  I just don't get my hands on it very often.  But, this was different.  This wood was once used for wrapping meat in a small town grocery store.  My Grandfather owned it during the great depression.  The lures are a family collection that represent three generations; my Grandfather's, my Dad's, and one that represents me.  It was the first one I ever owned and was given to me by my Grandfather.

Anyway, the wood is American beech, something that has become a favorite of mine to work with.  The back panels are also beech, and have been ebonized with tanic acid and an iron solution.  The hangers are " brass.

$750.00, Lure cabinet (pair)
$300.00, Small shelved cabinet, $300.00

Available in cherry, walnut, beech, and maple with traditional finishes.

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Last Updated:  Aug. 16, 2022