A Collection of Woodworking Humor

This a collection of stories that I've found over the years.  I've found them amusing and thought others might also.  It will grow over time... enjoy.

Dear Old Dad

For their Thanksgiving 2009 edition, the Woodworker's Journal Ezine staff asked readers to "talk turkey" and tell others the worst woodworking advice they had ever received.  This was the first place winner:

"My dad told me, "Eric, you need a hobby.  Something to relax you.  Something that isn't too expensive, or too obsessing.  Why don't you try woodworking?"  I realize now, 10 years later, as a frustrated woodworker, hundreds of books and magazines later, thousands of dollars in tools and wood, and only a couple of high school grade projects later, that clearly, my dad hates me."  Eric Collins

From Woodworker's Journal Ezine # 236 (11/17/09)

Some Woodworker's Haikus

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