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Howdy, and welcome to North Florida Woodworking.  The focus of this site is about the furniture I build and sell.  For a quick look, see the Furniture Gallery, or for more detailed information, follow the "Furniture" tab from the menu.  Although I do use some power tools to do the "heavy lifting" like rough mill work, my furniture is built exclusively by hand the way it was 200 years ago.

My focus is Shaker Furniture, with the heaviest emphasis on the "golden age" of the Shakers.  I also dabble in American Arts and Crafts furniture.  Of all the furniture styles out there, I find these two the most rewarding.  There are no fancy lines, no intricate curves, no frailty of workmanship or materials; only quality of craft and the beauty of the wood, both of which I hope will live long beyond me.  Some things (shoe racks, nick-nack cubbies, etc.) don't translate forward from their heyday to now, but when I design and build items like that, the Shakers are absolutely my inspiration.

For woodworkers that have found my little dirt road off the information super highway, there is plenty of content about woodworking:  the shop, woods, trees, glue, methods of work, jigs, fixtures, bench appliances, and the process of building furniture.  I've always been happy to share what I've learned along the way.  Just follow the "Woodworking" tab from the menu.

Finally, although the thrust of this site is woodworking, I can't add the definitive "PERIOD."  There are diversions...  Some of the other things I find of personal interest are Southern Appalachia, some old family recipes, and some ABSOLUTELY TRUE fish tales that are a fun read, among others.  They are all available from the links in the menu above.

Anyway, look around, have fun, enjoy.  Take what you want and leave the rest.

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